One Ring: Darkening of Mirkwood

Good Food, Good Adventure

The group rescues Argyle and Falco promptly starts cooking for him and making him comfortable. Elthas sits down and has a conversation with the man to hear his story.

Argyle tells a story about meeting a hobbit that is travelling to the “Easterly Inn.” The hobbits name was “Dinodis.” The group learns that the Inn may be in trouble.

Falco convinces Argyle to join the group to journey with the group to the “Easterly Inn”

Hakon finds some disturbed dirt and the group digs up some treasure and a key. The key has the symbol of Gondor and a few symbols in what appear to be directions.

the night is spent at the goblin hole and in the morning the group travels to the Easterly Inn. Travel is rough with most party members becoming weary.

During one night during dinner, the preparations were disrupted by movement in the distance. ELT’s heads off to investigate. He speaks to the stones and learns that we are in a place of great sorrow. A trail is found of someone being dragged to the pond. Elthas dives into the pond and finds a body, the body grabs Elthas and grapples with him. he shakes loose from the grip. As he emerges from the water he sees Falco battling with a Shadow. The two fight the shadow, Hakon, and Argyle arrive only to see Falco and Elthas defeat the Shadow. The group decides this is not a good place to rest.



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